A Quick Trip to San Francisco

I made a quick trip to San Francisco with Todd Brown from Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors to photograph a bank they’d completed recently. The plan was to get what we could in five hours, turn around, and come home.

(Click on the photo to see the images larger.) I’d seen scouting shots and a floor plan so I knew where the important features were and that light wasn’t a big factor since the bank is on a narrow street with tall buildings all around. We did the establishing shot with the name first then starting looking for the other shots. We were just working out the composition for the conference room when the sun started shining in. This was wonderful luck and we worked quickly to take advantage of it. Then we did the shot down the conference room table to catch the sun shining on the chairs. It seems subtle in this shot but the difference is remarkable in the exposures I took after it had moved on. We wanted an office shot and the steel and window tied in well with the lobby. Then there was just time for the shot down the teller line toward the conference room before heading back to the airport.
Years of experience and  making the most of good fortune combined for a successful shoot. Fortunately the airline didn’t misplace any of the bags until the trip home!