Baking post #1- sfogliatelle

Although this is a blog about architectural photography baking will occasionally come up. I’m a passionate baker. If I weren’t a photographer I’d be a baker. Sfogliatelle, also know as lobster tails, was my most recent project. I first ran across them in Boston and couldn’t imagine how they were made. I’ve made pretty much every type of pastry except strudel and phyllo and sfogliatelle falls in this category. Although it is most common to make them with a pasta maker they can be made by stretching a single piece of dough like strudel.

In the first photo you see the dough in the process of being stretched wide, after it’s coated with a thin layer of butter, and rolled. The second photo shows the log of dough being cut into slices with one of the slices having been shaped and the shapes in the background having been filled. The filling is cooked, sweetened semolina mixed with ricotta and egg yolks flavored with cinnamon, vanilla, and candied orange peel. The last photo shows the pastries after they’ve been baked. These could have been filled more which would have made them plumper and creamier but they really were delicious and a fun project. I’ll definitely be making them again.