Architect Heather Johnston’s Casabrava has received some well-deserved attention including an AIA SD Citation Award as well as being named one of SD Home/Garden’s Homes of the Year. It is a light-filled home which balances the clean serenity of white with the warmth of wood expressed in flooring, ceilings, and exterior walls—all this belying the fact of its modular construction. In shooting the house the primary considerations were capturing the inside/ outside nature of the design and rendering its strong elements cleanly. It’s a house that celebrates open space and I had to welcome that and resist the temptation to fill the frame with furniture or objects. We did let the dogs, Nettie and Bravo, add a little action to a couple of shots. (The second photo, with the dogs in the window, ran in a Wall Street Journal article on pet-friendly design.) As always, time of day and the sense of light were paramount in conveying forms, depth, and emotion.