Evolution of an image

. . . or, where this picture came from. I’d been shooting the water tower on a regular basis for about a year and a half when I finally got something I’d been waiting for. I woke up Thanksgiving morning 2012, when I had a good bit of baking to do, and glanced out the window to see fog. The baking could wait but the fog wouldn’t. I didn’t have any images in mind but figured I’d get there and see what there was to see. I started looking and shooting and finally worked my way around to this first image when the fog began to lift.

The next morning I got up early hoping for more fog. I wasn’t disappointed. When I got back to the same spot where I’d left off the day before I saw that perhaps there could be too much of a good thing. I couldn’t even see the tower. Moving closer I saw the first of the images with the telephone poles and decided that there was potential here. When I’m not trying to make a perfect image for a client, more often than not  I like the graphic element that telephone lines add to the built environment. Moving closer I made what was probably the most natural picture for me- I put the telephone pole off to the side just overlapping the tower. Then I got bolder and put it right in front moving closer to make the two elements similar in scale. Finally, I wondered why I even needed the pole at all and just used the power lines themselves. Every image on this entire site comes from a similar process. Even if the evolution isn’t as great as for this one each image is the result of exploration and refinement.