Geometry- perspective

Geometry is one of the most basic elements of architectural photography. When looking at a professional’s pictures you’ll notice that in almost all photos the vertical elements are parallel to one another and to the edge of the frame. Architectural photographers buy special lenses that shift up and down to accomplish this. In the days of film we had special cameras to do this with large format film. I had to search through scores of projects to find examples where this wasn’t the case.

This first image is typical in that the verticals are all straight up and down but when I wanted to show the ceiling detail it was more natural to turn the camera up. The third image was made for the flooring company so showing their product on two floors of this store implied scale and added interest. Looking down the center of a staircase is perfectly natural. Looking up the side of a skyscraper gives us information about the depth of the surface that may be hard to perceive from a distance. Perspective in the seventh image was purely subjective. I looked at this with straight verticals but shot it with a little perspective because it felt better to me. The final examples are just a natural way of approaching the subject. This is a subject that I plan to revisit as there is so much to examine.