Getting the Most Out of Your Photo Shoot

Several months ago I shot the remodeled public spaces at the Omni San Diego Hotel. The shoot went really well. Much of that success can be attributed to planning and to the work the hotel did to be ready for the shoot.

After I was hired for the job the marketing direct and I met to scout the project. We discussed the various uses of the photography and format limitations. I’m always interested in the emotional character to be expressed whether bright and cheerful or darker and a little moodier. We e-mailed back and forth to work out a schedule to give each photo the feel we wanted. We scheduled the shoot based on business at the hotel and in the rooms we wanted to shoot. They¬†ordered flowers, special tables and linen, food, and other props that we needed. They scheduled staff to set an entire ballroom for one photo and then to clear it out for another.

The key is to have control of the spaces to be shot, both interior and exterior, and to have on hand what it takes to make the shots work. Good photos are not created by accident. It’s good to be lucky and smart to try and create your own good luck.