Learning my craft

Having recently completed my 25th year in business I am revisiting some images from my past. This image is not here because I think it is wonderful but because my dissatisfaction with it pushed me to develop my craft.

I still remember asking someone at the film lab what was it that made me unhappy with the shot. He said it looked great to him—the view was there and there weren’t any bad shadows. It took me a while to realize that there wasn’t any sense of light which is pretty much the same thing as lacking a sense of life. Good lighting has to be more than the absence of negative attributes; it has to have positive attributes, the most important of which is a natural feeling of light which heightens the sense of being in the space. The second and third shots were also shot on film some years after the first and demonstrate the sense of light that I still try to bring to my photography.


  1. Great post, Jim. For what it is worth, your work in my portfolio gets rave reviews! I gave your contact info out as recently as last week.

  2. Natalie Fiocre
    September 3, 2014
    3:05 am

    Happy 25 years, thank you for let me spend some of this time with you. You are a true artist always pushing the limit.

  3. Jim Brady
    September 3, 2014
    2:46 pm

    Lindsay, it’s worth a lot because that’s what it’s all about—bringing my clients’ work to life. Often, it’s the only way a lot of people have of experiencing your work. Thank you for the feedback.

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