Lighting- almost night for day

Toward the end of a recent shoot, 6:20 on an early October evening, there was a last shot to get and the daylight was failing. I set up camera to get a quick look at the ambient light. It was so dim that I couldn’t make out the details in the room but a thirty second exposure gave me hope that, if I worked quickly, I’d be able to pull this off.

The first image shows the quality of the ambient light but also its deficiency in the shadow areas. By the time I did the final shot ten minutes later the light had failed by a stop but by compensating for that and adding a little fill light I got the second photo shown here. ¬†This is quite different from the “Lighting- night for day” post of a few weeks ago in that this time we are looking out a window so this shot had to be completed with daylight. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to create believable daylight outside so I tried this Hail Mary pass and it worked out. This client has a strong preference for daylight and the light, fresh quality of this room benefits from it.