Pointing Up

Most architectural and interiors photography is shot with parallel verticals (I have special lenses for just that) but from time to time a photographer just has to point up. I was doing just that recently but decided for safety’s sake to shoot a couple of variations. I’ve learned over the years that it’s tricky to make these shots feel just right.¬†There are three pictures in the slideshow. See which you think works best.

If you double click the photo the slides will open bigger and will make a smother transition that’s easier to follow. In the first the balconies to the left are stacked vertically which causes the right side of the photo to feel it’s tipping sharply backward. In the second, the mullions in the large dark window near the center of the photo are a straight vertical line and the left and right lean in evenly but with a continuation of the building on the left and sky on the right the right still leans in a bit. In the third I made the orange stripe to the right vertical which causes the block on the right to feel grounded and stable but the left side leans in a little aggressively. I ultimately chose the second one but at times prefer the third.