Rant #1- bike racks

This is my first blog rant.  I’m surprised that none of my friends has ever asked about my not ranting here because I’m passionate and opinionated when it comes to things and I tend to rant. I could give Lewis Black a run for his money.  My clients may not realize this because I try not to rant on photo shoots. But here goes.

This is to all you out there who design, purchase, and install bike racks. Have you ever even seen a bike? I know for a fact that you’ve never tried to lock one up. If you ever had you wouldn’t have designed the rack like you designed it, you wouldn’t have bought the rack you bought, and you wouldn’t have installed it where you installed it. True story, I come out of the store and go to the bike rack in the photo. The bike at the far end is locked there and mine is at the near end where the red bike is in this photo. There’s a guy trying to lock his bike in between the two and he can’t! The wheels won’t fit in those slots. So, I move my bike and he locks his where mine was and we curse the people who design, purchase, and install bike racks.

Hey designer, shouldn’t you do your job? It’s what you get paid to do. If you worked for me I’d ask for my money back. Oh, yeah, I ride a bike; I would have refused to pay you in the first place. And you, buyer, you’ve just wasted someone’s money. Probably not your own. Lastly, to the installer—if, indeed, someone has designed a rack that actually works and someone has purchased said rack, earn your money. Why do you inevitably install the rack so close to the wall that the bikes won’t fit? And why, as in this case, have you installed the rack backwards?  #@*%!?!

I usually just look for a parking meter or sign that I can lock the bike to so I don’t have to upset myself over this.