Revisiting some images- the South Chula Vista Library

After twenty-five years in business I’m revisiting some images that are important to me. In 1995, six years after I started my photo business, I got a really terrific project to shoot- the South Chula Vista library by Ricardo Legorreta, with LPA as the architect of record, construction by Douglas E. Barnhart. It was the first project like this that I’d been hired to shoot. It is a remarkable building in a marginal neighborhood, treasured as a community resource, and treated respectfully by those who use it. I was back there a number of years after shooting it and was amazed at how little wear and tear it showed. I think the people around it realized how fortunate they were to have such a resource.

I had an unusual experience in this building. I was asked to display some of the images I had taken and give a talk about it. We began by looking at the photos on the wall and then took a walk to look at the rooms and then went back to the photos. I realized during this how the photos tend to point out things that exist in the spaces which you might not notice as clearly. In particular the third image really highlights the quality of the light in the ceiling which is caused by the number of small windows which light each section of if.