SDSU Calendar

I was contacted late last summer by 360 Magazine at SDSU regarding creating images for a 2015 calendar. Getting to create all the photos for a stand-alone piece is a dream job. They had already decided on a look processed in HDR to give the images a look that falls between a photo and a drawing.

SDSU is fully invested in their photos and will go to great lengths to get them right. February is the perfect example. I scouted the shot and realized that we’d need students in the classroom with lights on and shades open to make it perfect. The editor of the magazine got the room schedule and contacted the professor who had a class when we needed to shoot. We scheduled for an evening when the class would run the entire period which would coincide with dusk. She got the shades open and had someone from engineering met us there to get the lights on in the buildings to the left and and at the back of the photo. (The sky was Mother Nature’s contribution.) That’s what goes into making a photo like this. I had as much help creating each photo as I needed. The pride they take in the images is in exact proportion to what it takes to make them.

Update:  The Storm/ Nasatir photo is number two on the list of SDSU’s Top Photos of 2014 and the library photo leads off the article.