A lover of architecture, I always wondered what the house up these steps was like. They are down a block and across the street from where my grandmother’s house was. Now they lead to the back of a convenience store and serve as a stopping place for the homeless. There are a lot those steps in my hometown in piedmont North Carolina. Fortunately, most still lead to houses that have stood for decades.

The small set with the narrow curving sidewalk in the second image belie the generously scaled two-story Eastlake that stood here until recently. Allowed to fall into ruin by its eccentric owner, the house was condemned by the city and torn down. The context in the third image allows you to image the modest house that probably lay at the top of these stairs. The simple materials of the steps and wall support the impression. The Queen Anne in the fourth image makes one wonder about the neighbors which existed in the next two slides. The eighth slide offers an explanation of what happens sometimes but if you look closely you’ll notice that the house destroyed by the tree isn’t the same house that the tree originally framed. The last house makes me wonder what people will find at the end of its short sidewalk in a couple of decades.  It’s been worked on but it’s not yet finished. Will this cottage see its restoration through or will plans be interrupted, never to be completed, the house left to decay? Only time will tell.