To hold the view or not

I recently shot houses in Coronado and La Jolla, beach towns near San Diego. The house in Coronado was a house from the end of the nineteenth century a couple blocks back from the beach. The town had certainly grown up around the house and it had neighbors close on either side. The La Jolla house is right on the water. Their locations and views called for a very different approach.

In shooting the Coronado house it seemed better to let the outside go bright rather than show the houses to either side. An exception was the master bedroom which has doors out to a deck. ¬†That room needed to hold the view so you could see what you’d be stepping out on. In shooting the La Jolla house views were key and we started out with nice weather. By the time we shot the painting studio it had begun to get gray but the landscape close to the windows still reads well. The photo of the living room and dining room had seemed like it would make a nice dusk shot to show off the lighting and mood of the room.