When a local photographer has an edge

As much as I like traveling for work there are situations when a local photographer has an edge. Getting this shot is a perfect example. After finding the angle from ground level I realized that being on the roof just above the scouting point of view would be better. From street level there were stop lights cutting into the building and being up would allow a view into the entry plaza. The challenge was the roof I wanted on was on a court building.

I contacted a lawyer friend who had recently met someone who worked in the building. She got me started but soon realized that this was over her head. She got me info regarding getting a permit for roof access. I got the paperwork together and scheduled the shoot for the soonest possible date, thirty days off. As luck would have it, the scheduled date was overcast and I was leaving town for two weeks the next day. I rescheduled for my first available date, we had great weather, and I got the shot. From the day that I found the shot almost two months had passed before I was able to complete it. If I had been a photographer coming into town to shoot this I wouldn’t have been able to get this view unless I scheduled and rescheduled a return trip.